John D. Pierce, Director of the Jesus Worldview Initiative

Jon R. Roebuck, Executive Director

Rev. Charlie Curb Center for Faith Leadership

Belmont University, 1900 Belmont Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37212


Former editor of Nurturing Faith Journal, John Pierce (whose writings sparked the development of this initiative) is guiding this second, well-focused phase of the Jesus Worldview Initiative.

Collaboration with individuals and organizations is a key component of the initiative. Several partners are already engaging. 

Belmont University, through its Rev. Charlie Curb Center for Faith Leadership led by Jon Roebuck, hosts the Jesus Worldview Initiative.

Along with programming collaboration, the university receives and processes designated, charitable gifts made in support of the Jesus Worldview Initiative.

All operational funds for the initiative come through designated gifts.

An Advisory Council helps guide the development and implementation of the initiative’s varied programs and projects.

Communication with supporters and other interested persons is ongoing through timely columns, an updated website and an E-newsletter.

Jesus Worldview Initiative Advisory Board

Jon Roebuck – Belmont University (ex officio)
Glen Money -Pastor, Murfreesboro, TN (liaison)
Randy Brantley – Grants director, Concord, NC
Kate Byrd- Episcopal priest, Smithfield, NC
John Franke -Faith formation director, Indianapolis, IN
Bruce Gourley -Historian/editor, Bozeman, MT
Terry Hamrick – Consultant/coach, Asheville, NC
Andrew McGill – Health care executive, Chattanooga, TN
William Neal -Retired editor, Fayetteville, GA
Gary Skeen – Retired church benefits president, Duluth, GA
Tamara Tillman Smathers- Minister of Education, Rome, GA
David Turner – Pastor, Richmond, VA
Tim Willis – Retired chaplain/campus minister, Clemson, SC
Vickie Wiley Willis -Retired human resources leader, Murfreesboro, TN


Jack Glasgow — Author of Seeing with Jesus: Developing a Worldview Shaped by the Gospels (Nurturing Faith), Zebulon, NC,
Guy Sayles — writer/speaker,  Asheville, NC
David White – Connections Pastor, Alpharetta, GA


The terms “biblical worldview” and “Christian worldview” have arisen as ways to define a narrow religious-political ideology as true Christianity by which all other expressions are judged. Whether intentionally or carelessly, these redefinitions of the Christian faith often diminish or dismiss its central figure: Jesus.         

A classic example came in a press release from Barna Group in which a “practicing Christian” (for polling purposes) was defined with no reference to Jesus. And the six criteria for holding a “biblical worldview” ignored Jesus’ calling and teachings as well.  

An editorial response titled “How about a Jesus worldview?” (John D. Pierce, Nurturing Faith Journal, March-April 2017) led to a series of conversations, presentations, writings, retreats and resources.

These programs and publications were carried out by Nurturing Faith and then, following a merger, with Good Faith Media.To continue this mission, the Jesus Worldview Initiative is now part of a collaborative agreement with Belmont University.