Whole lotta shaken going on 

There is no shortage of good causes that deserve our support. And plenty of voices are out there asking us to give and give more. 

Those of us with philanthropic limitations have choices to make about where, how and how much to give. 

My leaning is toward smaller charitable organizations, believing that my rather meager gifts can make a bigger impact. Regardless the amount, giving to something that matters can make a difference.

That is certainly the case with the Jesus Worldview Initiative. Some really impactful programming and resources — that advance the following of Jesus as the defining priority of the Christian faith — await the needed finances. 

As I often frame it: “Support determines scale.”

Thanks to Belmont University’s in-kind service, and a lot of volunteer and low-cost involvement, operational costs are minimal. So support goes a long way.

Monthly giving is an easy and hardly noticeable way to provide support.

The charge simply appears on a credit card statement along with streaming subscriptions, overpriced lattes and the TJMaxx deal that couldn’t be resisted. 

Five dollars, $10, $25, $50, $100 or more per month from several people could make a big impact on a small initiative — if you consider this message and mission to be timely and important. 

Goal-setting doesn’t really drive my life. But if total monthly giving reached a mere $3,000, then overhead costs would be covered. All additional funds raised would go fully into expanding the Jesus Worldview reach. 

If you wish to join others in making this happen, just visit jesusworldview.org/give and set up a monthly gift.

You’ll hardly notice it — and will feel good about the difference you are making while sipping on that skinny, peppermint, oat milk latte. 

I regret having no timeshares to oversell to you — or prayer hankies dipped in the Jordan River to send in response.

Just a lot of gratitude along with the gratification of knowing you helped to articulate and advance the priority of Jesus’ life and teachings over the many misuses of his name. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’ll report back on how we’re doing with this.


John D. Pierce is director of the Jesus Worldview Initiative (jesusworldview.org), part of Belmont University’s Rev. Charlie Curb Center for Faith Leadership.